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An irreplaceable part of your wellness journey

Co-founded by three passionate health and wellness enthusiasts, shroommate is a value-driven brand that empowers people to become their best, healthiest selves – in mind, body and spirit – so they can be ready for any of life’s challenges ahead.

At shroommate, our mission is to introduce all-organic, premium mushroom supplements into everyday living as an essential part of one’s wellness journey. We are equally dedicated to building a community of health advocates, because together, we can make a positive impact on our society.

Not all mushrooms are created equal

A key to optimising our wellbeing lies in nature – precisely, on the earthy grounds across some of the world’s most remote mountains. Combining Asian age-old wisdom with an Australian holistic approach to health, we offer only the highest quality, fully USDA-certified mushroom supplements that are crafted from meticulously sourced rare fungi, a superfood that has been enjoying a turn under the spotlight in recent years.

These nutritious fungi, including cordyceps, lion’s mane and reishi, are at the heart of our products. They boast scientifically proven benefits to our health, from boosting energy to strengthening our immune system, balancing hormones and supporting healthy inflammation response.

It is our promise to our customers that we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards and we will never compromise on quality. Our products are proudly Australian owned, 100% organic and natural and have been tested for potency and purity. 

Your everyday empowerment

One thing for sure is that there is no shortcut on the road to health. Yet while we are no magic pills, we believe that a little bit every day makes all the difference in the long run. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Our mushroom supplements are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your everyday lives. Powdered, they are soluble in water and can readily be added into your drink or dish of choice anytime of the day – water, coffee, tea, protein shakes or even soups and spreads.

We believe that health is a lifestyle and wellbeing is an attitude. Consistency is key to seeing results and achieving the goals you set for yourself. You are now ready to discover a world of possibilities and power through any of life’s obstacles ahead – with shroommate by your side.

Founder's Journey

Simon @ Shroommate

Since I started working in the fitness and wellness industry in 2005, I have been embarking on a search for the true meaning of consciousness and a better way of life. I believe that everything starts with self-search and self-discovery. I backpacked across the globe, leading me to understand that life is all about the “experience”. Our consciousness is an accumulation of experiences – visual, physical and emotional.

As a certified Reiki practitioner and animal-flow and breathwork instructor, I need to keep myself in optimal health to coach and influence others with positive energy. After years of research on different supplements, I found that functional mushrooms are the best at helping me elevate my performance at all levels. I now incorporate mushroom supplements in all my workshops, snow expeditions and breathwork practices.

Seeing the progress and results of my students is one of my life's greatest satisfactions. I’m also excited to witness the rapid expansion of the health and wellness community around the world.

I believe that awakening our consciousness to being in the “right here right now” is about living an optimal lifestyle of

Vivien @ Shroommate

Life is a journey and mine has been quite an interesting one. Growing up in Australia, life was happy and easy. I was not one to set sky-high goals or strive for any specific accomplishment. Yet when my life got turned upside down 12 years ago, it opened me up to an unknown adventure.

I may not have set goals, but I did have dreams. Little did I know that every little step I took led me to my wildest dreams. The girl who used to spend hours after school at a bookstore flipping through fashion magazines suddenly found herself as the publisher of lifestyle magazines and sitting front row at fashion weeks in Milan and Paris. People often ask me how I did it. There isn’t a formula; all I have are passion, courage, and the willingness to venture into the unknown. In order to do that, having a healthy mind and body is essential.

I constantly look for natural ways to nourish myself physically, mentally and spiritually. There are always new things to learn and to discover. The key is to walk this journey alongside like-minded people – because success means nothing if you're not sharing it with your loved ones.

Alex @ Shroommate

A lot of people often ask me what I like more – making movies or music? The answer to that question is: there is much more that I love to do! From yoga to painting, event production, editing and more... the list goes on because I hope to be a perpetual student of all crafts. To be receptive and in a state of forever learning means we have no boundaries or limitations as to what we can do. We can achieve and flourish in all tasks we set our minds to.

To do so, we must keep our bodies and minds in the best possible shape. I am constantly on the search for what best serves my health and wellbeing. We must have a fearless mindset that's unafraid of failure and a positive attitude to keep us going, maximise every breath and enjoy every moment. Ultimately, we need proper nutrition and care to truly understand who we are, so we know what to provide for ourselves.

Our quest for wellbeing is a constantly shifting, never-ending process of discovery but as long as we keep trying and learning, we can unlock the joys of life.